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Get Rolling With the Cortina SE Infant Travel System

Cortina SE Infant Travel System review

Tweet Whether you’re having your first baby or you 3rd, choosing a stroller isn’t an easy task. Because my kids were spaced far apart, I ended up buying a completely new travel system 3 times over. Why? To start, the technology behind infant car seats really improved over a few years, and I wanted to transport my baby as safely …

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Want to make a difference in someone’s life? Consider donating your baby’s cord blood

Tweet In 2001 I had my first baby, and although it was a happy time for us, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of loss because one of the most important people in my life wasn’t there to share it with me. My cousin was 14 when she died in a car crash, and at the time I was …

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Hit The Road With PlayGro Toys


Tweet Have you ever gone on a road trip with a baby? I’m not talking short term like a two hours jaunt to Grandma’s house. I mean a real, honest road trip of at least 10 to 20 hours. One of these road trips gives you the opportunity to test your stamina, because as much as you think it’s going …

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Here’s how we beat the winter blues with Cadbury Easter treats

Tweet Every year, right before Valentine’s Day, I head to the store and I start stocking up on Easter eggs. Yes, I know this sounds a little strange. Valentine’s Day is for Valentines, chocolate hearts, and candy kisses, but I tend to skip over that one day and prepare for what amounts to the big Kahuna in my house – …

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Keeping It Clean And Healthy During Cold & Flu Season

Tweet I remember very clearly where I was when I heard about Lysol Disinfecting Spray and Lysol Wipes for the first time. I was in an ambulance with my 3-year-old daughter and we were racing to the hospital after she had a febrile seizure. By that point in the trip, she was awake and my panic register had dropped slightly …

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What To Expect When You’re Expecting Hand, Foot, And Mouth Disease

Tweet After a very interesting fall complete with a teacher’s strike that left my kids at home for over 3 months of summer vacation, I was ready for all 4 of my kids to be in the school full time. Once upon a time I had dreaded such a thing, and couldn’t imagine what I’d do with myself during the …

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Digital Healthcare Is A Mom’s Best Friend

digital healthcare

Tweet Back when I had my first baby and she became ill or was acting out of sorts, all I had were books to lean on. If I had to make a doctor’s appointment because I knew she was sick and getting sicker, I had to hang on the phone and keep checking back because I was constantly getting a …

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Keep your kids safe online – #CyberTalk September 17th


Tweet My daughter’s final project in elementary school was a speech on any topic she wanted to focus on. The only requirements were that it be 5 minutes long and something relevant to kids her age. Imagine how proud I was of her when she said she wanted to talk about the dangers of the Internet and how to keep …

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Review of MIP, the Robot Toy

review MIP robot toy

Tweet We do quite a few toy reviews here on Survive Parenthood, and that’s because you just can’t go wrong with a good toy. Not only does it make your kids happy for a long period of time, but it gives you those moments of sanity you need to collect yourself and get on with your day. I recently had …

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Save your kids from seasonal allergies symptoms with REACTINE ® FAST MELT™ Junior Tablets


Tweet Every spring I look at my cherry tree blossoming and I feel a sick sort of dread. Yes, the trees that bloom here on the West Coast are beautiful, and when their blossoms fall off it rains a shower of pink petals onto the ground that are, in most people’s opinions, absolutely beautiful. And because it’s springtime I want …

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