Monday, May 20, 2024

App review: TocaBoca means happy in Canadian

Whenever I hear the words, “TocaBoca” I think of George Costanza’s parents trying to move in with Jerry Seinfelds’ parents at Del Boca Vista. I can’t help it, it just pops in my head.

And to make it even more confusing, I only hear the phrase coming from my kids, and it only happens when they are asking me to buy another Toca app. Luckily for them, I’m happy to do it. Not just because I want to distract them with a game for a 1/2 hour so I can make dinner in peace and relative quiet. No, I like TocaBoca apps because they are fun, even for Mom. I challenge you to pick up Toca Hair Salon and not laugh when you give them a really bad hair cut.

The newest release Toca Kitchen is an instant winner. Pick your dinner companion; you can choose from slightly squirrely looking people, a fuzzy brown cat, or a ultra-blue cow. The fun starts when you open the fridge and pick something for your animal/human to eat. You learn pretty quickly that the cow isn’t a fan of eating meat (it’s refreshing that he’s not a carnivore, although most kids won’t make that connection), and his favorite meal is a stack of wheat. Fry it, boil it, microwave it, it doesn’t matter. He loves it all.

Slice it, dice it, food process it; Toca Kitchen keeps your little chef busy in the kitchen (and not your kitchen, which is best of all). You might even pick it up yourself. It’s hard not to want to pop a pear into that happy little girl’s mouth.

Check out Toca Kitchen on iTunes or at the TocaBoca web site.



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