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Shelly’s Holiday Gift Guide 2018

shellys holiday gift guide 2018

Can you actually believe it’s time for my holiday gift guide again? With the holidays comes shopping, and with shopping comes the need for gift ideas. Because I spend the entire year testing out cool stuff for Best Buy Canada, I am on good authority to compile a list of the must-have’s from what I’ve tested. Without further delay, here’s …

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Road trip to Disneyland: a step by step guide to the I5

road trip to Disneyland family tradition

Here is what I believe about the road trip to Disneyland after driving it so many times I can see that road in my sleep. It’s much more than just a cheap way to get to Los Angeles and eventually, Orange County. If done right, a road trip to Disneyland is a true Westcoast adventure. I’ve been writing a book …

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Here’s what you’ll see when you visit Old LA Zoo

old la zoo where is it

If you’re on a road trip just rolling through LA on your way to Disneyland for a quick 5 day blast, you probably wouldn’t think about visiting Griffith Park. But if you’re like me, completely jazzed by LA history and a big fan of all those abandoned shows on Youtube, you really need to make a stop there. You can …

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Canon Beach, Oregon Gives California A Run For Its Money

Canon Beach Oregon

When you’re surrounded by farmland in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, the best view from your backyard will be a long, waving patch of grass and the tip of Mount Baker peeking over the tree-topped horizon. So blinded by greenery, it’s easy to forget that the Pacific Ocean is literally around the corner. If you want to just see …

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3 spring tasks for beginner beekeepers

beginner beekeepers

I bought an active bee colony last September from some lovely people who were moving out of the country. I always thought about getting into bees, but I knew there was a lot I needed to know before I did. When the opportunity presented itself via a Facebook ad I weighed my pros and cons, decided fall was as safe …

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What Road Trip Essentials Should You Pack For Your Next Road Trip with Kids?

I’m currently writing a travel guide called, “Let’s Run Away Together. Explore the history, the mystery, and the Americana on your road trip to California.” This chapter excerpt is on road trip essentials, also known as how to pack your car for your next road trip to California. — My daughter was only 2 and a half and my son …

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“Rules” of Bedroom Design That Were Made to be Broken

Funky green bedroom design

This guest post is courtesy of the Tuck Sleep Foundation Design rules are there for a reason. They give direction when you don’t know where to begin, and they can help keep you from making design choices you’ll regret a year or two down the road. Sometimes it’s better to think of the rules as a gray area open to …

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I Adopted An SPCA Pig, And Here’s How They’re Doing

The pigs go on an adventure

By now almost everyone in British Columbia has heard about Molly, the SPCA pig that was adopted from the Cowichan & District branch. She was seized as part of cruelty investigation, and adopted out in January. Long story short, they ate her less than a month later. I haven’t seen the video but some people commented that these people were …

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Panasonic Microwave with steam review for Best Buy Canada


Here’s my Panasonic microwave review for Best Buy Canada. I actually baked a loaf of banana bread in a microwave oven, and it turned out great. You can see my full review at    

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Arlo Pro 2 Review for Best Buy Canada

Arlo Pro 2 review

I’ve been a freelance copywriter for 9 years, and during that time I’ve had a lot of fun testing out tech devices and appliances from Best Buy Canada. I love recommending new gadgets to friends, and over the past year I’ve tested out quite a few that I highly recommend. Arlo cameras are one of those. Take a look at …

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