Two years old and not talking? New study says not to worry

Update February 2022 – The CDC has just changed baby developmental milestones for the first time since 2004. Take a look at the article in the Washington Post Two years old and not talking – new study says not to worry No matter if you have one kid or four, you know that each child develops differently. And because they …

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Cat videos for cats to watch

cat videos for cats to watch

My daughter’s cats can’t roam free because of coyotes, so to keep them entertained we always put cat videos on for them. They love them so much I decided to put my GoPro outside in a hollowed-out tree stump and film the birds that come and eat at the feeder. They went crazy for this video, so I thought I’d …

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Quarantine due to coronavirus? 4K campfire from my farm

4K Campfire video

We’ve been staying home for the past 7 days due to the coronavirus. Other than a quick pop into the grocery store for supplies, we haven’t been around people at all. We haven’t been exposed to the virus; we’re just being safe and social distancing so it doesn’t go off like wildfire. It’s a lot to deal with having 4 …

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Road trip to Southern California: drive the 101 from Oregon

It was 9 pm on a Friday night when we almost got hit by lightning. Normally at 9 pm on a Friday night I’m cleaning something or feeding someone, but on this particular Friday night I was in the middle of a torrential rain storm on a road trip to Southern California. I say torrential with the authority of having …

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Road trip to California: a step by step guide

road trip to Disneyland family tradition

If you plan on doing a road trip to California and your destination is Disneyland, here’s a few tips. I’m going to cover quite a few different topics, and you can use this menu to skip around. California Road Trip Guide California road trip cost Why drive to California What should you pack to drive to California? What type of …

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Fitbit Inspire HR VS Fitbit Versa Lite

Fitbit Versa Lite vs Fitbit Inspire HR

I’ve tested out more than a few fitness trackers and smart watches over the past few years. My Youtube channel is full of reviews for different brands and styles, but by far the most popular right out of the gate has been my Fitbit Inspire HR review. Fitbit Inspire HR Review This fitness tracker looks like a traditional Fitbit, but …

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Shelly’s Holiday Gift Guide 2018

shellys holiday gift guide 2018

Can you actually believe it’s time for my holiday gift guide again? With the holidays comes shopping, and with shopping comes the need for gift ideas. Because I spend the entire year testing out cool stuff for Best Buy Canada, I am on good authority to compile a list of the must-have’s from what I’ve tested. Without further delay, here’s …

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Here’s what you’ll see when you visit Old LA Zoo

old la zoo where is it

If you’re on a road trip just rolling through LA on your way to Disneyland for a quick 5 day blast, you probably wouldn’t think about visiting Griffith Park. But if you’re like me, completely jazzed by LA history and a big fan of all those abandoned shows on Youtube, you really need to make a stop there. You can …

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Canon Beach, Oregon Gives California A Run For Its Money

Canon Beach Oregon

When you’re surrounded by farmland in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, the best view from your backyard will be a long, waving patch of grass and the tip of Mount Baker peeking over the tree-topped horizon. So blinded by greenery, it’s easy to forget that the Pacific Ocean is literally around the corner. If you want to just see …

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3 spring tasks for beginner beekeepers

beginner beekeepers

I bought an active bee colony last September from some lovely people who were moving out of the country. I always thought about getting into bees, but I knew there was a lot I needed to know before I did. When the opportunity presented itself via a Facebook ad I weighed my pros and cons, decided fall was as safe …

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