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Buying back to school supplies for kids: Mom needs a smart phone

Ah, back to school! The grass is still green, the birds are still singing, and you can practically smell the pencil shavings in the air! If you’ve hit rock bottom on your summer, with the family vacation long past and the kids having gone beyond the ‘I’m boreds’ to outright stupor, you know it’s time to send them back to …

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Yes, there are things you should never say to your kids posted an interesting article that really had me thinking today, especially after a long summer of having the kids bored, always hungry, and did I mention bored? They’ve been hanging on my leg for days and days. 9 things you should never say to your kids made me feel bad. It was like a symptom checker, where if you …

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Now there are ecards for everything: Ecards alert recipients to possible STDs

August 8, 2011- If you are a parent to a teenager, you might want to know about a possible Ecard they could receive. Ecards: Electronic notes sent via the Web that are known for their false sentimentality and ease of use. Not only do Ecards on your birthday or other special occasion have the benefit of being quick, easy, and …

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Mom Tech Tip: Is your iPhone battery draining fast?

There is nothing more aggravating than a dead iPhone. Especially if that phone leaves you high and dry in the middle of no where or worse, while you are waiting in your car in the middle of nowhere and your child is at a practice of some kind. We rely on our phones to keep us sane and entertained, so …

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New parenting approaches: The Seinfeld Method

If your formative years occurred during the 1990’s, you would have been a rabid fan of Jerry Seinfeld. The self proclaimed show about nothing captivated it’s Thursday night audience. Between Seinfeld and Friends, as well as the fact that there were no PVR’s at that time, no one dare made a move outside until the shows were over. It was …

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Should I have another baby? The difference between 1 kid and 4 kids

Babies are wonderful. That fresh baby smell and the wonder of their smiles: Those chubby little things are hard to resist.¬† Given the current celebrity baby boom and the growing number of high profile people who are expanding their families, its no wonder that the average family size is growing. What used to be a comfortable three for most people …

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JK Rowling’s Pottermore opens to beta users, but how can you get in?

August 1st, 2011 – Just when you thought that the book on Harry Potter was closed forever, JK Rowling’s Pottermore has opened up to beta testing. What can only be described as an online attraction¬† for Potter lovers around the world, Pottermore promises to not only let you read the books again, but actually takes you inside them. Developed by …

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Pottermore early registration: Have you received your user name?

It’s July 31st, and as promised J.K.Rowling’s Pottermore has opened up with a clue and a chance for millions of hopefuls to gain early access to her new website. Unfortunately, for those on a Pacific Time Zone, you’ll have to stay up most of the night to login. As the clock struck midnight early this morning, users hit refresh until …

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Lowered expectations: Survive a summer long weekend away with the family

How to survive the summer with your kids

There isn’t a mom out there who wasn’t looking forward to the end of the school year. For many, the grind of driving back and forth, day after day after day, takes on an entirely new dimension of stress. Not to mention having to be the driving force behind homework, baths or showers, earlier bedtimes that no one but you …

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App Review: NightyNight App by Shape Minds and Moving Images

You know how a certain sound or voice can trigger a memory of your childhood? A simple sound maybe, like rushing water or the sound of wind rustling the trees outside your window; it can have the effect of transporting you back to a simpler time. For me, the noise of crickets takes me back to my Grandparent’s farm, and …

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