App Review: NightyNight App by Shape Minds and Moving Images

You know how a certain sound or voice can trigger a memory of your childhood? A simple sound maybe, like rushing water or the sound of wind rustling the trees outside your window; it can have the effect of transporting you back to a simpler time.

For me, the noise of crickets takes me back to my Grandparent’s farm, and when I hear them I instantly think of a starry sky and how the barn full of animals looked in the twilight of a Saskatchewan summer. And if you’d have told me that I could have access to these nighttime noises, packaged up and available in a children’s storybook app? I’d have thought you were crazy, but luckily for all of us, it’s true.

NightyNight by Shape Minds and Moving Images is a bedtime storybook app for the iPad. Originally created in German, the book focuses on a small town and a small farm. Your child moves through the book, says good night to each animal, and turns off the light. The book is interactive, as many app books are, and your child can poke the fish, tickle the chickens, and pet the puppy. Once you tuck the animals into bed, the lights in the windows go out one by one.

The best part of NightyNight is the narrators voice and the sounds of night time. If you live in a bustling city complete with fire trucks and racing cars passing your windows, this app bring some quiet time to you and your child before bed.

Technically speaking, you’ll love the autoplay feature that can go through the bedtime ritual without you having to press a button. You can also choose whether to listen to the narrator’s voice or turn him off.

No matter how young (or how old) you are, NightyNight by Shape Minds and Moving Images is a great app to ease into night time.

Available on iTunes in English or German. Cost: .99 cents

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