Saturday, May 18, 2024

Yes, there are things you should never say to your kids posted an interesting article that really had me thinking today, especially after a long summer of having the kids bored, always hungry, and did I mention bored? They’ve been hanging on my leg for days and days.

9 things you should never say to your kids made me feel bad. It was like a symptom checker, where if you can check off more than 3 you have some sort of horrible disease. I have said a few of those, but not all thankfully. And now that I’ve read it the red flag of what NOT to say will pop up in my head whenever I’m tempted to say, “Wait until your Dad comes home!” (In reality, they know that nothing will happen when Dad comes home, except for a bike ride or a great game of Battleship.)

In my opinion, they missed out on one thing you should never, ever say to your kids:

I am ashamed of you.

Shame is an entity all unto itself. Shame sticks with you for years and years and years. Nothing can make a kid feel worse about themselves than a parent saying they are ashamed of them. And parents you know that we remember, even if we were little kids, being the source of shame.

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