Mom Tech Tip: Is your iPhone battery draining fast?

There is nothing more aggravating than a dead iPhone. Especially if that phone leaves you high and dry in the middle of no where or worse, while you are waiting in your car in the middle of nowhere and your child is at a practice of some kind. We rely on our phones to keep us sane and entertained, so a fully charged battery is a must.

You can definitely buy an iPhone charger and keep it in your vehicle with you at all times, but if you are away from your car and you need to preserve your battery, there is something that you can do.

Turning the programs off is not something I even knew about. I just assumed that if you hit the home button, the program would shut down. But no, these programs are still running in the background of the phone, causing battery drain without you even realizing it.

To fully shut down a program, follow these steps:

  1. Double click your home button
  2. A menu bar will open up at the bottom of your screen with all of the programs that are running.
  3. Hold down one of the icons on the menu until a small red dash shows up
  4. Close down each of the programs by touching the icons as they scroll past

See, that was easy! Now if you are find you are running low on battery, you can simply close down some or all of the running programs and preserve what’s left of your battery.


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