Saturday, December 9, 2023


Work at Home Series: Are there Legitimate Work at Home Jobs?

When you’ve got kids, the basic career path you’ve envisioned for yourself goes straight out the window. Yes, you might still be able to go to work and pay for daycare, commuting, and all of the wonderful extra expense that goes into having a full time job and a full time family. But your stress level will be on overload …

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Does anyone ever report a good news story? They do on

With the daily updates about the Casey Anthony case ,and doom and gloom around every corner online and on TV, don’t you ever wonder why no one reports good news? Luckily for us, does. And although this might not be the venue you normally look to for up-to-date news (good or otherwise), they certainly have shone a light on …

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What happens to Casey Anthony now? Verdict is in and she’s not guilty

July 5, 2011 – After three years and countless hours of television dedicated to the analysis of every single aspect of the Casey Anthony case, she was acquitted today of murder and child abuse charges in the death of her daughter Caylee Marie Anthony. The Not Guilty verdict was the equivalent of a shot heard around the world, and the …

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Nestles Babynes – The Keurig for baby formula not available in Canada and the USA, yet

And just when I thought I’ve seen it all: Nestles BabyNes milk machine hits Switzerland The next time you load up your Keurig for a piping hot cup of coffee in the morning, you can just reach over and make one for your baby too. Nestle recently released a new baby formula machine called the “BabyNes System,” a product similar …

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Road trip with kids: Driving the I5, part three

Part three of the Canada to California road trip has us heading from Valencia to Watsonville, then onto San Francisco. There is just something about California that makes me feel at peace with the world. Prior to this road trip, I had never strayed from the I5, so I had no idea what the coastal roads were really like. Once …

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Driving the I5 to Disneyland: Road trip from Canada to California

Part Two of our Road trip from Canada to California via the I5. Today’s installment takes us away from Disneyland as we attempt to get on the coastal hwy but get sidetracked by Six Flags Magic Mountain We join our family preparing to pack up the van after a five day stay at the Grand Californian Resort. It’s 95 degrees …

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Road trip to Disneyland: Drive the I5 from Vancouver to California

Road Trip to Disneyland

I’ve written an updated post for this. Take a look at my 2017 edition Road Trip to Disneyland It’s Canada to California or bust. Complete with 4 kids packed into a Pontiac Montana minivan, we hit the open road. The goal? To survive the Road trip to Disneyland Ah, road trips. Aren’t road trips really just one of those things …

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Kid App review: Toontastic by Launchpad Toys keeps them entertained for hours

Every once in a great while, the app store provides you with a treasure that does more than just take your money and leave you feeling vaguely dissatisfied. I’ve bought apps that my kids sit and look at for at least 20 minutes, and other apps that a few of my kids played with for longer than a half hour …

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Tom Hanks confirms Toy Story 4 in the works at Pixar

Better start saving your money for another pile of Toy Story toys. Buzz and Woody might have just renewed their contracts. In an interview with BBC breakfast news, Tom Hanks confirmed that Pixar has been working on Toy Story 4.  Although Pixar stated that Toy Story 3 was the end of the franchise, the popularity of the that movie may …

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Kids sunburn this summer? Protect your kids by knowing your sunscreen

Worried about the summer sun? Protect your kids this summer by knowing the right type of sunscreen to buy and how much to use In the 1990’s, tanning beds were THE thing to do. For many of the current 40 somethings, wrinkly, dry, leathery skin was light years away and the idea of using sunblock was laughable. If you weren’t …

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