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Does anyone ever report a good news story? They do on

With the daily updates about the Casey Anthony case ,and doom and gloom around every corner online and on TV, don’t you ever wonder why no one reports good news? Luckily for us, does. And although this might not be the venue you normally look to for up-to-date news (good or otherwise), they certainly have shone a light on a few happy things that have slipped through the cracks.

7 pieces of good news that nobody is reporting is a good read to wash away the online stank you may feel from the Casey Anthony trail, the subsequent feud with Nancy Grace, the reappearance of OJ news, and even if you just feel not so fresh from watching Fox News at any point in the past week.

If you have no time to click on over to Cracked, here is a quick highlight of good news nobody is reporting:

7. The Gulf of Mexico is rebounding nicely from the rampant oil spill of April 2010. In fact, the Gulf is almost back to pre-spill working conditions for the shrimp et all that are still being scooped up in buckets.

6. Thanks to anti-viral drugs and other medical advancements, AIDS is no longer an immediate death sentence.

5. The Ozone hole is actually shrinking.  No, its not safe to bring out your can of Aquanet (for a multitude of reasons), but the Ozone is actually a flexible hole that grows and shrinks on its own. Who knew?

4. Car accident fatalities are down: Despite the wingnuts who still text and chat on their cell phones as they cruise down the highway at 100, deaths resulting from car accidents is at the lowest point its been since 1949.

3. Teen pregnancy is at an all time low: This is good news, despite the fact that MTV continues to toss money at young girls who are still getting pregnant and glamorizing it to a point while at the same time showing the downfalls (Good job MTV, it must be hard to show all ends of the reality TV spectrum and still somehow make it OK to show one of those teen moms after she got breast implants with her salary).

2. People get happier as they get older: Hmmm, I have a hard time believing this one. I’ve encountered some seriously grouchy old people recently who have criticized my yard (um, my hanging baskets are much nice than yours, thank you very much) and told us to stay off their lawn. If there are happy older people, I’d love to find them.

1. We are all living a longer, healthier life: You can thank food creators like Kashi for this type of health improvement. Also, be sure to thank Nike for the athletic revolution, thus making us feel as though we are missing out if we aren’t keeling over on the side of the road from our 10K run.

Click on over to Cracked for more.


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