Saturday, December 2, 2023

Home Decor

Think Spring, despite what the weather says

Yes, if you live in the Pacific Northwest you may have noticed it’s a bit, shall we say, completely disgusting outside. It’s enough to make you stand like a crazy person outside, shake your fist at the clouds, and tell them to take a hike (or something more colorful, whatever makes you feel better). It’s also bringing out the preachy …

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Ikea Hack of a basic computer desk

Have you heard of Ikea Hacks? I hadn’t until recently, but this site is truly addicting in so many ways. The idea of performing an Ikea Hack on some of my well worn Ikea furniture is just too good to resist. After all, I used to try to give it away or take it to the dump if it was …

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Parents Beat Boredom by refinishing wood furniture

Even if you’re running around, chasing kids, chasing the dog, or chasing your tail in a never ending quest to ‘get things done,’ there comes a time in every parent’s life when boredom can set in. For me, that comes in the winter when I struggle for new activities, new places to go, and new things to see for both …

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Upgrade your laundry room – Laundry room ideas

As far as home decorating is concerned, the laundry room is one of the most neglected rooms in the house. Ultimately though, going through the steps to upgrade your laundry room will result in a much happier space to do load after load (after load) of laundry. Take my house for example – I’ve painted, sanded, re-carpeted and re-floored every …

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