Tuesday, October 19, 2021

McDonalds healthy happy meals? Fast food giant halfing fry portion in Happy Meals

Take that happy meal, remove a few french fries, add a strawberry yogurt, and call it healthy? McDonalds seems to think so.

In an effort to be perceived as a more health conscious restaurant, MacDonald’s is removing some of the french fries from your child’s happy meal.  The current french fry portion in a Happy Meal is 71 grams. McDonalds plans on reducing that to 31 grams and adding a cup of yogurt to plump up the meal. Your child will continue to have a selection of grilled cheese, cheeseburger, hamburger, and snack wrap.  No matter what your main meal selection, the entire box should weigh in at under 500 calories.

The popular fast food restaurant has long been the focus of irritated parents who are unhappy with the marketing of Happy Meals. Although toys have long since been an addition to the popular meals, the implementation of the online community ‘McWorld’ has kids begging their parents for one more meal just to add new toys to their collection or collect does to play online. Put it all together in a bright box and it’s almost too much for a kid to resist.

The restaurant plans on implementing the new meal plans this fall.

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