Monday, January 24, 2022

What’s new at Disneyland 2013?

What’s new at Disneyland 2013?

This summer, I’ll be hitting the open road with my family of 6. Destination? California. Disneyland road trip 2012

We’ll be saying goodbye to the inclement, highly unstable weather of the Pacific Northwest and plopping ourselves right in the middle of what I’m sure will be a heat wave the likes of which our Canadian skin may never recover from. That’s OK though. I’m ready. I’ve actually been ready since I did the same trip last year, and despite the 24 hour road trip from Vancouver to Los Angeles, I’m so very excited to leave.

This year I’m writing a travelogue for The Vancouver Province newspaper’s digital edition called, “30 Days in LA.” I’ll be exploring the tourist attractions and taken the unbeaten paths to some places you might not have stopped at during your travels to LA but are really worth a visit. I’ll also be making some different hotel recommendations, because although I’ve stayed at a lot of places near Disneyland, there is a lot of unexplored frontier to discover.

Here’s my first article for The Vancouver Province called 3 reasons to visit Disneyland, again, this summer. Check it out, and be sure to watch for updates.





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