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Although this website has yet to be mentioned in the press, I do have some cool links to other press mentions I’ve received over the past 10 years.

Once upon a time, long before there was a Twitter or even a Facebook, I developed a website called . It was an online buy and sell, sort of an ebay for kids clothes, and it was pretty popular for quite a few years.

Back then, I was crafting my own press releases and raising money for charity through the website. It was fun – I wish it was still open for business. Unfortunately, when I hired a web design company to redevelop the website, they took me for a ride to the point where I lost a ton of money and, because the site was offline for so long, a ton of traffic.

Here is a sample of the press I received for the website. Some links may not work as it’s been quite a few years since the site was online.


March 25, 2008 – The Langley Advance sale benefits society

September 2006 season – CBC’s Dragons Den
Kidswap pitch for $100,000 (no footage available)

April 2006 edition – Today’s Parent Magazine
Can you afford another baby?

March 5th, 2006 – The Vancouver Province
Parents rejoice as Kidwap expands

August 2005 – Langley Times
Shop Swap

August 2005 – Langley Advance helps LFS

August 2005 – Langley Advance
Ashes to Ashes

May 2005 – The ExpressShaw TV Vancouver

April 6, 2005 – Abbotsford Times
There’s money in your kids’ room

April 4, 2005 – Winnipeg Sun
Buy and sell your kid’s stuff online

September 2004 – City TV Vancouver
View the clip – Download the clip

August 15 – 2004 – The Chilliwack Progress
Swap site offers online help

June 25, 2004 – The Business Times
New site designed for busy moms

June 17th , 2004 – Aldergrove Star
Kidswap grew from a local idea

June 12th, 2004 – The Langley Times
Kidswap grew from a local idea

May 25th, 2004 – CBC radio Regina “The Noon Edition”
Kidswap is a new way to get rid of those outgrown clothes and old toys

May 25th, 2004 – The Regina Leader Post
Former Sask. women selling kid’s clothes online

May 23rd, 2004 – The Chilliwack Progress
Kids’ clothes online

May, 2004 Issue – WestCoast families magazine
Consignment shopping for the new millennium

March, 2004 –
Moms come together to change consignment shopping across Canada

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