Worried about your teen driving? There’s an app for that

Parenting is really about letting go. There is that moment when your baby takes their first steps, the moment when they go to school for the first time. Or, that moment when someone who is clearly insane and doesn’t know what they are doing hands them a drivers license and they begin begging you for the keys to your car. And they will drive off into the sunset, leaving you to sit silently by your cell phone chewing your nails as you wonder exactly what they are doing.

Luckily for you, and for parents everywhere, there is an app for that. My Max Speed for Android will log your teen every 5 seconds as they drive. All of the corresponding data is logged into a spreadsheet, which you can pop open on your phone for easy viewing.

Wayne Irving, a parent of four, developed My Max Speed because he felt it was something he could use himself.

The beauty of this is app is that you can pre-set a speed limit for your kids. When little Johnny peels out of the parking lot and goes over your set speed limit, you receive a text message and a Google map showing where they currently are. You can then fly down there with fists of fury, take away the car keys, and ground them until they are old enough to go off to College. My Max Speed will also work when your child is in a friend’s car (fists of fury and grounding not an option when dealing with other people’s children).

My Max Speed is priced at $4.99 without ads or free with ad serving.

It’s not a spy cam, but My Max Speed is almost as good. And it might just give you peace of mind at 2 am when you are wondering where your kids are.

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