Thursday, December 3, 2020
Bates Motel Film Set

The Aldergrove Bates Motel Film Set Is Back

It’s back!

Driving past the Bates Motel Film Set in Aldergrove the other day, I was kind of thrilled to see the gates are down and the sign back up. It looks like they’re getting ready to film season 3.

If you’re wondering what it’s like to drive by the set in Aldergrove, I put together this photo drive-by for you.

Check it out below, and check out Wikipedia for all of the latest episode information.

Bates Motel Film Set
 Bates Motel Film Set
 Bates Motel Film Set
 Bates Motel Film Set
 Bates Motel Film Set

Can’t wait to see what Norman cooks up this season! Check out my other photos of the Bates Motel and Storybrooke from Once Upon A Time.


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