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App Reviews – Zombies Run!

Spring has sprung, at least in most places, and you know what that means? It’s time to get off your duff and get back into your exercise program.

I’m a huge proponent of using Apps for Exercise. There is literally an App for everything, including situps, pushups, Pilates, Yoga, and all around strength training. But in my humble opinion, the best of the bunch are Running Apps.

I’ve written about Couch to 5K before, and I’ve discussed Bridge to 10K and Nike + GPS. They’re great, but I’ve found something even better. It’s motivating, it’s fun, and it has Zombies – I’m not sure you could ask for much more.

Cool Fact: The company that created the App did a fundraising campaign for it on KickStarter.

Zombies, Run! is a running game/audio adventure, and once you put your ear buds on you are literally immersed in the middle of a Post-Apocolyptic world full of crazed Zombies. As Runner 5, your goal is to pick up items and help the township fight off the Zombies.

Here’s the lowdown on Zombies, Run!

The Cost

$7.99. It appears to be quite a hefty price in a land of Apps not priced over $2.99, but I think it was money well spent.

Why does it work?

Most of us are lazy by nature. I mean, we aren’t 1975 style lazy where we watch hours of soap operas, blissfully unaware of where our children might be, but we definitely can be on the sluggish side.

Zombies, Run! works because it’s a really good story, and if you have a hard time putting down a book once you get really into it, you’ll definitely want to discover the next adventure. You just have to run to listen to it.

Where can you run?

Everywhere, even on a treadmill. It doesn’t track your distance the way Nike + GPS does. Instead, you are sent on a variety of ‘missions’ each day, picking up items as you go (in the game, not literally) and once you complete the mission radio mode kicks in. The more you run, the more missions open up to you.

Play your own music

Zombies, run! will access your playlists and play your favorite running music in between the vocal parts of the mission. I truly think one of the voices is Ricky Gervais. Someone please confirm this.

Want to sprint? Of course you do

Turn on Zombie Swarms and get ready for some teeth gnashing good times. It sounds like the Zombies are right on your back, and it’s motivating in a ‘I’m truly terrified’ kind of way. Because even if you are a skeptic, it’s hard not to believe in Zombies. I blame the Thriller video.

Just be sure to keep clear of high traffic areas, because you might get distracted and actually run into a car. Parks are good for Zombie swarms, as are dimly lit bike paths just at the point when the sun is going down. Think of how much weight you’ll lose if you turn it on at Twilight.

It works with Nike + GPS

I couldn’t find a FAQ on how to work it with Nike + GPS, so I figured it out myself. Open Nike + on your phone. Start your run as normal, but without music. Tap to close Nike + GPS (only once, not twice to completely close it). Then tap on Zombies, Run! and select your run. Be sure to enable music and choose your playlist. Keep the App running and you’ll hear updates from both Nike and Zombies, Run!

It’s a nice way to keep your miles adding up on Nike while still having a scary old time with theĀ  Zombies.

Have fun, out run the Zombies, and be sure to share your tips and tricks with us.


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