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Arlo Pro 2 review

Arlo Pro 2 Review for Best Buy Canada

I’ve been a freelance copywriter for 9 years, and during that time I’ve had a lot of fun testing out tech devices and appliances from Best Buy Canada. I love recommending new gadgets to friends, and over the past year I’ve tested out quite a few that I highly recommend. Arlo cameras are one of those.

Take a look at the video I made for my Arlo Pro 2 Review for Best Buy Canada, and pop over to Best Buy’s blog for my full write up. I fully credit these cameras with helping me stay sane when your closest neighbors are a llama and some feisty roosters.


Arlo Pro 2 review for Best Buy Canada

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  1. After a good deal of research, I settled on the Arlo Pro 2 which I felt met my needs & also had good reviews. I am not a complainer but am normally the one who just leaves, never to touch a company’s product again but here goes….. I have 4 cameras purchased thru Best Buy 6 weeks ago. The daytime features are very good & clear , but thieves & vandals often come at night! There is virtually NO night vision capabilities (under dark conditions) that I can see. My vehicle is only 10 feet away & can barely be seen. Any human activity is virtually invisible or so “grainy” as to be unusable. As I research this issue, I see lots of people with the same problem but never have I seen this raised in a review. Netgear has a standard answer but no solution that I can determine. I bought this for “night” security & there is none. If it’s a software issue we need it fixed quickly. I (& many others) would be very happy to have a solution that fixes the product I have already spent $1000 on. Waited over 20 minutes on company chat line & no one answers. /Help / Respectfully submitted.

    • Hi,
      I can’t say I’ve had the same issue with my Arlo cameras, so I wouldn’t think to include it in my review. I’ve got a video of a coyote thanks to my Arlo Pro and it was pretty clear in pitch black. The only time I notice that night vision is poor is when I have outdoor lights on at the same time. The glare from the outdoor light pretty much negates night vision completely. If I turn the lights off, the night vision is really impressive.

      Do you have a lot of light pollution where you live?

  2. Appreciate the reply. I live in “small town” Manitoba. The odd street light down our street but quite dark , especially my driveway area. My vehicle is about 10-15 feet from the camera & I have walked around it in the dark & could barely distinguish myself. I googled Arlo night video problems & found a number of issues like mine. The Arlo Community monitor put forth some suggestions that all had tried but the impression was that it was a software issue with the Arlo 2 as the Arlo (1) was much better. I like the system, but need to get this figured out & thought you may have some insight. I have tried many things but if you have a “line” to NetGear, any help would be great. Respectfully / B

    • Interesting! I have the Arlo Pro, Arlo 2, and Arlo Go and I would agree that the night vision is better on the Pro and the Go. I don’t have a line to Netgear exactly, but I can send out a few emails and ask my contacts. Maybe they’ll have heard of this issue?

      I’ll keep you posted if I find anything out.

      I’m originally from Saskatchewan, so I definitely know how dark those small towns are. Light pollution should not be an issue at all.

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