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Avoiding roaming charges when visiting the USA from Canada

Avoid roaming charges while visiting the USA

Isn’t it fun to go on vacation? Especially for those of us who practically live on the USA/Canada border, the lure of driving across and experiencing all that the USA has to offer is really too much to resist. After all, we may have lush green forests, but they have Disneyland.

Unfortunately, the second we cross the border my iPhone, my trusty companion for all things, becomes nothing more than a pretty little brick. Yes, I could use it, but if I do I’m going to be crying when the bill comes in.

But in a world where we have smartphones to prevent us from getting lost, keep us in touch with friends and family, and even let us video chat right on the phone, I knew there had to be something out there to mitigate disgusting roaming charges while still letting me carry on with business as usual. And I found it. It wasn’t that hard.

Here’s my recent article on The Vancouver Province about how to set yourself free this summer and roam where ever, and when ever, you’d like. Your Instagram followers will thank me.

Roam with your phone, and avoid fees, wherever you go – The Vancouver Province


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