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Best Movies for a Rainy Day with your kids – Time Magazines 25 best animated movies

best movies for a rainy dayAlthough it appears that the sun and heat will eventually win out over this miserable cloud cover, like any parent, you need to be ready with a backup plan if your beach day falls by the wayside. What is better on a day like that than to grab the popcorn and pick one of the best movies for a rainy day, then snore on the couch while your children are engrossed for at least an hour.

Time Magazine recently announced their list for the 25 best animated movies of all time, and quite a few of these are so far off the beaten path that you are guaranteed to not have seen them. It is gratifying to see that Tangled was included in the list at the number 19 spot, but to choose South Park as a better movie than Snow White? I can’t even wrap my head around that. Kenny vs Prince Charming? It seems wrong.

Click through the list and pick and choose your favorites. Although most of the obscure titles won’t be available at your local Red Box, you can most likely rent them on iTunes or stream them via Netflix and Hulu.

Time Magazines 25 Best Animated Movies of All Time

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