DIY Coffee Bar In A Farmhouse Kitchen

diy coffee bar do it yourself

Having a coffee bar is a big deal these days. I’m a dedicated coffee fan so I knew when I was building my kitchen (thank you Ikea) I would be adding a DIY coffee bar to one wall. Given that it’s one of the smallest kitchens you’ve ever seen, I knew adding that spot just for coffee was going to …

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How To Make DIY Deck Lights


I love me some solar lights. They light up the entire yard at night and I don’t have to string cords all over my yard to get them to work. After I spent $30 a single string of solar lights to hang in my tree (in my defense, they were stars and I love them), I decided it was time …

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Homemade Coffee Syrup – How to make it yourself

coffee syrup recipe

Who doesn’t love Starbucks coffee syrup? I always ask for a shot of sugar free vanilla coffee syrup in my my morning blonde roast, and because I know it’s sugar free I don’t worry about adding a ton of fat or calories to my coffee. When I got my Keurig coffee machine, I started buying Starbucks coffee syrup to take …

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3 eggnog recipe that don’t involve drinking eggnog

eggnog recipe

Every year I buy a bottle of Egg Nog, and every year I glance at it as it sits in the back of the fridge and waits for someone to enjoy it. Poor old Egg Nog. I just can’t bring myself to drink you. This is why: Definition: egg·nog ?eg?näg,-?nôg/ noun noun: eggnog; plural noun: eggnogs; noun: egg flip; plural …

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The 411 on Sleep, from A to zzzzz

411 on Sleep

Oh 3 am, I’m seriously unhappy to see you again. It’s dark, cold, and there are hours until I have to get up, but here I am staring at the ceiling again and wondering exactly how I’m going to get back to sleep. On the plus side? I’m learning a lot about old Hollywood, because that seems to be the …

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3 practical Christmas crafts you’ll use every year

A few weeks ago, I was walking through Costco looking for Halloween candy when the Holidays suddenly stood up and smacked me in the face. There were Christmas trees beside skeletons and mini chocolate bars displayed by the Christmas poppers. As I stood there, I finally understood how Tim Burton was inspired to do the Nightmare before Christmas. Fast forward …

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DIY pirate ship playhouse

diy pirate ship playhouse

DIY pirate ship playhouse I’ve got 4 kids. The fact that I have one of those Toys R US wooden playgrounds taking up half my backyard should come as no surprise to anyone. Not only does it save me from having to go to the local park, but has the capability to become a pseudo tree fort or Ninjago Battle …

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Living room redo with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Living Room redo with annie sloan chalk paint

Living room redo with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Everywhere the light touches, I have painted. At least in my living room anyway. My living room used to be a dark, chocolate brown on the walls with dark, equally brown leather couches. I had two Ikea bookcases in, you guessed it, brown, and a coffee table that also favored the brown …

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Ikea Hack of a basic computer desk

Have you heard of Ikea Hacks? I hadn’t until recently, but this site is truly addicting in so many ways. The idea of performing an Ikea Hack on some of my well worn Ikea furniture is just too good to resist. After all, I used to try to give it away or take it to the dump if it was …

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How to mod Minecraft

Wondering why your kid is always talking about Minecraft and how much fun it is? Here’s a quick how to mod Minecraft for any parent who wants to be the hero and take their kid’s Minecraft game to the next level by modding Minecraft on PC. There comes a time in life of all parents when they have to ask …

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