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How To Change A Diaper, for dummies

Baby showers, for dads: Diaper parties for men newest way that Dad parties before baby

Diaper parties for men? Indeed! Dadchelor parties are the newest version of the baby shower, no females required.

July 23, 2011 – If the Hangover movies are any indication, you may have finally recovered from your hubby’s bachelor party just in time to get pregnant and begin planning your family. But hold on, there’s a new party in town, and this time it’s a Dadchelor party.

To celebrate the increasing responsibilities that fathers are now playing in their new babies lives, from taking paternity leave to staying up all night long rocking, Dads-to-be are turning to their own newly designed baby showers.  Although some of the celebrations turn out to be a low key BBQ or a game of poker, you can be sure that when there are a group of men involved a trip to Vegas isn’t out of the question.  Imagine Animal House, with diapers and binkies instead of togas. Imagine you, pregnant and possibly sitting at home with your older children, while he jets off on a wild weekend to celebrate impending fatherhood.

Need some ideas for your husband’s Diaper party, but don’t want him to jet off to the city that begs you to leave your secrets at the door? Here are a few themes that would work well for a Daddy Diaper party:

  • Casino night: Round up his buddies for a night out at the local casino, complete with dinner and cocktails
  • Day at the lake: A cooler of beer, a few fishing rods, and a low key buddy day for the new Dad

Or, if you are feeling hormonal and really want to prepare him for life as a new dad:

  • A hospital tour, complete with pitstop outside one of the labor and delivery rooms. While there, they can listen with horror as the mom behind door #1 goes through delivery. After the tour, dinner and drinks in the hospital cafeteria, which will remain unconsumed as everyone in the party will feel nauseous.
  • Send him to a sleep clinic, upon where he’ll be woken up every hour on the hour by the lab assistants in an effort to create a real simulation of parenthood. Ask them to place a watermelon in his arms after the 12th wake up, and gauge his ability to take care of your newborn on whether or not he drops the fruit.

In all seriousness, a Dadchelor party is an exciting new way for your husband to get some buddy time in before the arrival of your little one, and it can be a great way to celebrate his increasing responsibilities. Just be sure to plan the diaper party that you will both be comfortable with.  And make sure you register for the gifts, because you might not want 20 little Harley Davidson hoodies and fishing rods instead of diapers.



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