Monday, October 18, 2021
Make slime
How to make your own slime

Great parents make slime for their kids

Make slime
How to make your own slime

Or they buy it at the dollar store, whichever is easier. But one thing is for certain: Kids (boys especially) love to play with slime.

Why not make slime? They can stick their hands in it, stir it up, pull it apart, and possibly cover your light blue couch with it (rendering it completely stained on all sides of the cushions so you can’t even flip them over when company comes and you end up giving it away to some guy who comes by with a flat bed truck and yells at you from your front porch instead of knocking.)

Here’s a great recipe for slime. Try it out and get ready for hours of fun and entertainment (and cleaning. Did I mention cleaning?)

Make your own slime –




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