Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Jawbone UP Review – Fitness Tracking Device

Jawbone_Up_Fitness_deviceTo get off the couch or not to get off the couch? This is the question I’m currently wrestling with. My Jawbone Up Fitness Tracking Device is buzzing me and saying yes, you should get up and go. It hasn’t reached shock collar buzzing yet, so I think I’ll stay put and share my Jawbone Up review.

I’ve tested the Jawbone UP bracelet for two weeks, and during that time I’ve logged my fitness automatically, my sleep when I press a little button and tell the bracelet it’s lights out, and my food when I take a picture of what I’m eating. Sometimes, I will admit to NOT taking the photo, because Jawbone UP might be disappointed I choose pie over a cup of yogurt.

It’s a cool little device – Check out my full review here:

Be fit, eat right, and sleep better with the Jawbone UP fitness tracking device

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