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Kids apps for iPad that make bedtime a snap

I’ve never been shy about professing my love for technology, but I had no idea that an iPad would be so helpful for every day life.  The things that you think you’d use it or, like reading, listening to music, or playing games, are the things that I actually don’t do all that much (but try to get it away from the husband who thinks Tiny Tower is an important part of the day).

The real magic in an iPad or another tablet computer if you feel so inclined, is when it becomes part of something that stresses you out and makes it easier. Case in point: Bedtime.

Just like Tina Fey says in Date Night: “All of a sudden, it’s a big surprise that we have to put pajamas on every night!” Why is it such a surprise when it’s time to brush your teeth and get ready for bed? It’s ridiculous really. I’d be grateful if someone told me I could just go to bed.

This is where the iPad comes in. An iPad actually makes bedtime easier, if you can believe it. How is it possible? The answer is in the apps.Here are a few that come in handy for bedtime:

Bedtime Stories

Strangely enough, if you search for bedtime stories in the app store, you don’t come up with that much. Sure, there are a lot of books on there, including Dora and various nursery rhymes, but nothing that particularly stood out to me as an actual bedtime story. So I was thrilled to find Nighty Night.

I’ve reviewed this app before, but they’ve had an update since then and I actually love it more. The music is soothing, you put the animals to bed, and it’s mellow. Dora the Explorer is NEVER mellow. She’s insane actually, running, jumping, going on adventures. To me, that ramps the kids up instead of settling them down.

Wee Pray

Bedtime is difficult enough without a parent missing in action or some break in the routine. If praying before bedtime is part of your family routine,  you know that it’s disruptive for your child if Dad has to work late or Mom can’t be home. Wee Pray lets the parent or even a grandparent add a picture of themselves and record a prayer so you can play it for your child at bedtime. It’s the simple things that help out at bedtime, and Wee Pray steps in and fits the bill when you need it.

White Noise

You might live in a city where fire trucks and train sounds are normal, but that doesn’t mean they are easy to get used to. When you are putting your child to bed, you need quiet to keep them sleeping. White noise apps are great for this. Sleep Pillow Ambiance: White Noise Machine has a ton of sounds to choose from. You might like the ceiling fan or the sound of surf, but whatever you choose you can be sure that white noise will help your child drift into a deep sleep. White noise apps work great in hotel rooms or when you are away from home too.

Even if these apps help for 5 minutes, that’s 5 minutes less stress for me and for you. And when you just want them to go to bed already, any bit of help is welcome as far as I’m concerned.



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  1. Hi Shelly,
    As mom of two girls I can only say, you’re completely right about any help is welcome during bedtime. As I am writer/illustrator of children’s books and one of them is a bedtime book, I decided to develop an App that not only helps with bedtime, but also encourages good bedtime habits. The result is Bo’s Bedtime Story which is for sale in the App Store since the 9th of December.
    If you still want some help with bedtime and you want to try Bo’s Bedtime Story, let me know.
    Esther Naalden

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