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Review Epson Workforce

Review – Epson printers have seriously practical purposes

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Connects to Wi-Fi easily
Easy Set up
Simple to change cartridges
Prints like a hot damn


This Epson printer was the easiest out-of-the-box printing solution I've ever tried.

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Review – Epson printers

Before you become a parent, no one really shares with you how small, seemingly trivial things can become urgent in ways you never would have expected. An example? Your toddler is in full scale riot mode and he’s completely finished with the firetruck you just bribed him with so he’d sit still at the store. Your personal internal resources are lagging due to a lack of sleep and the fact that your Keurig cups are still out in the car. In this situation even the most mundane things take on an aura of urgency, and my stress level shoots through the top of my head like a car just crashed through my fence.

I was standing in the middle of my destroyed kitchen the other day, avoiding the piles of Costco groceries that needed a home and trying to make lunch for my little guy. It became clear that without cleaning off a cupboard at the very least, he wasn’t going to get lunch. I had two choices: Do I let him have cookies and hope he still eats his lunch or do I distract him with something else? Because he’s a notorious cookie monster, I choose plan B.

For me, Plan B means coloring, because he likes it almost as much as he likes cookies. Coloring means finding a coloring book, which in my current situation wasn’t going to be possible. So what do I do? Pick up my iPhone, hit the Epson iPrint app, and print off 5 coloring sheets from the the Disney Junior website in less than 2 minutes. I didn’t have to crack my computer or dig through the toybox, I just had to pull my phone out of my pocket.

And I’m saved, if only for 1/2 hour.

My Epson WorkForce 633 shares features with many printers across their lineup, and these babies are serious sanity savers. Unpack it from the box and run through the easy setup. Not only did it instantly hook up to my home network, my computer found it and started printing with 10 minutes. I’ve had another printer that promised Wi-Fi connectivity and despite knowing how to program a computer and take one apart myself, I couldn’t figure out how to use wireless printing on that thing.

Plug it in and use it to fax. It actually loads the paper and spits it right back, so I could send a 12 page fax without worrying about paper jams. Its even easy to print off photos. You can print photos on the go via the Epson App on your smart phone, or load them on your computer and print them that way.

I’ve done a ton of printing and haven’t had to change a cartridge yet, but with individual color cartridges, it’s cheap and easy to switch them out when you need a new one.

Whether you need one for your home office or just for frantic coloring situations, the Epson lineup of WorkForce printers are an amazing addition to your technology lineup.




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