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Review: Goal Zero solar power for home or on the go

Goal Zero Adventure Kit 150

Here’s the thing about power outages. You are never quite prepared to sit in the dark. You might think you’ve got enough candles, batteries, and back up in your car for phone charging, but you’ll end up sitting and twiddling your thumbs for a lot longer than you realize.

Or how about when you’re camping, and you think, “I’ll like roughing it. No problem,” and you discover that you can’t read yourself to sleep like you normally do, and the sounds that are crashing through the woods sound more like a bear than the soothing noise crickets make. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little bit of light?

That’s where Goal Zero comes in. Their solar kits are a little piece of heaven when you need a good and powerful charge. You can plug in your lamp, even when you’re in the middle of the woods, or charge your smartphone when you’re out on a hike.

Check out my review on Goal Zero’s solar kits. I plugged one in during a laundry room renovation and it worked like a charm.

Goal Zero gives you solar power for home or anywhere you go

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