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Review: Wii U

Wii U I recently wrote up an overview of the Wii U for the Vancouver Province newspaper tech blog. If you’re interested in this cool new video game console, check out my article here: Will U get a Wii U?

We’ve had our Wii U since Christmas, and I’ll admit that it gets left to sit and gathers dust in favour of the XBox more often than not. But when you do pull it out? You wonder just what the heck you are doing leaving it alone when it’s so much fun to play with.

Wii has been coming out with more and more games, and we’ve played Super Mario Brothers, Scribblenauts, Ben 10, and Lego City Undercover. The graphics are great, the controller is fun and easy to use, and the on screen navigation is amazing. Even better? The Nintendo EStore is full of amazing games, and you can often download titles coming to the store before they even hit the shelves.

Would I buy the Wii U again? Definitely.

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