Saturday, May 18, 2024

My new Shelly’s Friday Favourites column on

Molasses_Fall_CookiesJust a quick update on the latest and greatest stuff I’m writing about this week (besides those two unfinished books where I’ve hopelessly become lost in the middle regions).

If you’re into baking the way I’m into baking, you’ll love my new column on called ‘Shelly’s Friday Favourites.‘ Every week, I’ll be delving into something new and exciting in the kitchen, and I’ll show you how easy it is to bake at home. It’s even more exciting to bake than usual this year because I’ve gone all organic in my kitchen. Thanks to a bunch of kitchen moths in my bags of flour and sugar, I’ve had to throw every single thing I had in the pantry out the window (not literally) and start over. So I went organic, and I couldn’t be happier.

Also coming soon is an article in the Globe and Mail Fact’s and Arguments section. I talk about my false positive mammogram results and how absolutely terrified I was to the point of severe panic attacks for 3 entire weeks. It really makes you think about how the health care system works, and how difficult it can be to wait endlessly for results of tests. Turns out I was fine, and although the subsequent mammogram didn’t have me carted off to the hospital for a suspected heart attack (all anxiety, all the time), it was stressful waiting for that letter that says “Normal.”

I’m going to take a moment now to ponder how weird it is to talk about cookies and mammograms in the same post.

Ok then.

So watch for my weekly column and get ready for some baking. Then check out the Globe and Mail (date to be determined) and share your own mammogram stories.

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