Thursday, April 18, 2024

Here’s your chance to try out Toontastic app for iPad

Very occasionally, I’ll stumble across an app that will keep my kids entertained for longer than 10 minutes. When I find it, I covet that app, because it gets me through crazy moments when all four of them want something at one time, everyone is talking at once, and I feel as though my head has the ability to pop off my body.

The app in question is Toontastic. It lets you kids create cartoons based on various themes, and it is amazing for stimulating imagination. They get to move their little characters across the screen and give voice overs, and its even laid out in story board format so they feel just like the director/producer of a real movie.

I paid for my copy months ago, and it was worth the money. But lucky you, you get to try it for free!

I’ve got 9 promo codes for Toontastic. To get one, just like our Facebook page and comment here or there. I’ll randomly pick 9 people out of those who like our page.

Just remember, you need an iPad to use Toontastic.


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  1. I’d like a promo code! Thanks!

  2. Can i please have one

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