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Netflix USA in Canada

UnoTelly Review – Get Netflix USA in Canada

I’ve never been shy about my disappointment in Canadian Netflix. After years of subscribing to the service, there still aren’t as many titles available on Netflix Canada vs Netflix USA.

You’ve probably heard about and read the blog posts on how you can get Netflix USA in Canada while still using your current Netflix account, and it’s definitely true. It’s not illegal to get Netflix USA in Canada, and it will definitely give you thousands of more titles to watch this winter when the temperatures dip and you’re in the mood for a binge watch.

It’s so easy to get Netflix USA in Canada, I can’t believe more people don’t do it. All you have to do is find and sign up a DNS re-routing service, change your DNS numbers on your computer, and you’re good to go.

I’ve tried 4 different DNS services since I’ve started watching Netflix USA at home, and out of all of them I’ve found UnoTelly to be the easiest to use, the most user-friendly to browse through, and the most up-to-date with their support.

How UnoTelly works

So how does this DNS re-routing thing work anyway? Will it harm my computer or have the authorities banging down my door if I dare to change my settings?

No and no. Changing your DNS will not harm your computer and it’s not illegal to change it.

Here’s how UnoTelly works – If you type a website into your computer and want to watch a video on that website, the server the site is on will check your IP address. Your IP address is basically like your phone number, so the server will know from your IP where you live.

Some countries block other countries from accessing videos and other media content (I get the reasons why, but it’s still irritating). Canada seems to be at the top of the chopping block (or geo-block) as far as watching videos online, and that’s where DNS bypassing like UnoTelly comes in.

After you change your DNS, UnoTelly will give you a local IP address. Any time you hit a website and click a video, the server will see your IP and give you the thumbs up.

Not all DNS services are created equal

I’ve tried 4 geo-blocking services, and I’ve found UnoTelly to be the best. Here’s why:

  • It’s fast – Yes, there are free DNS services out there, but I found the video stream I was watching would lag. And there’s nothing I hate more than lagging video. UnoTelly has a high-speed connection right to the video provider. In all the time I’ve been watching video with UnoTelly, I’ve never had it lag.
  • There is no bandwidth cap – I have UnoTelly installed on 4 computers, 2 iPads, and 2 TVs. We all watch video, and we all experience the same level of service. Plus, with no bandwidth cap (the movies you watch translate to bandwidth), you can watch as many movies as you want without getting a stop sign mid-show.
  • UnoTelly works on every device I own – I have Apple TV, a Smart TV, and the aforementioned iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches. UnoTelly works on all of them. Although I don’t have Android, I can see on the Unotelly site they offer an Android app.
  • It’s user-friendly – Just login and you’ll see how user-friendly UnoTelly is. You can click to choose the channels you’d like unblocked, and the global DNS servers are available right there if you need to switch yours. I love how you can pick from a bunch of different Netflix applications, so if you want to watch Netflix USA, Netflix Canada, or even Netflix UK, you can.
  • UnoTelly Dynamo – Best feature ever! If you have UnoTelly Dynamo, you can watch multiple channels from different countries, right on the same device. Check this out for a full explanation.

UnoTelly is so easy to set upNetflix USA in Canada

Take a MAC computer for example:

  • Click on System Preferences
  • Click on Network
  • Click on Advanced settings
  • You’ll see your DNS settings as given by your provider
  • Change your DNS to the UnoTelly DNS numbers located near your area

Restart your computer and get ready to watch geo-blocked content


It’s worth it

Although UnoTelly is not free like some DNS services, it’s worth the few dollars per month you pay to have lag-free streaming. I’ve had other services stop me mid-video because I hit my monthly cap, or we sat waiting for the video to load and it never does. It’s so frustrating.

I consider my DNS service to be just a wonderful add on to my Netflix account, and when you have a service like this, you can actually cut your cable bill off to practically nothing or, unbelievably, get rid of cable completely. Yes, that definitely makes it worth it.

Between Hulu, Netflix, and UnoTelly, I spend about $25 per month and I have access to all of the channels I do with my $100 cable package. That’s something no cable provider wants you to know, and I’m sure we’re going to see a lot more switching as people catch on to the wonders of geo-blocking.

When it comes to bang for the buck and the best streaming online, you can’t go wrong with UnoTelly. Check it out (they have a free 8 day trial!) and get set up for another long, Canadian winter.


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