what is data roaming

What is data roaming?

Huntington Beach CaliforniaIf you aren’t the type to travel, you’ll probably never have heard of roaming data. But for many of us who cross International borders on a weekly basis and spend all of our family vacation money in a different country, data roaming is a pretty important topic to be knowledgeable about.

Want to roam with your phone? Here’s a few things that a roaming newbie should know:


  • It’s expensive. If you don’t know to sign up for a USA or International Data Roaming Package, you could rack up bills into the thousands without even knowing what you’re doing. Look at some of the headlines.
  • If you aren’t going to roam, your iPhone or Android is basically a brick. You can’t talk, text, or check in online. And, gasp, you can’t share the latest picture of your little ones doing their thing either. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure I have people who rely on my pics.
  • If you’re looking at data roaming packages, you should choose one that gives you the most bang for your buck.

The ins and outs of data roaming aren’t that hard if you do a little research. Start with my article for The Vancouver Province ‘Summer data roaming, having a blast‘ and go from there. It breaks down everything, including the average data it takes to upload a photo to Instagram or Facebook, and gives you a short list of providers who will offer US data packages.

Have a great summer data roaming, and if you need some motivation to get moving and hit the road this summer, be sure to check out our 30 Days in LA road trip right here on Survive Parenthood Magazine and The Vancouver Province. You can also check #30daysinLA on Twitter or follow us on Instagram.


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