Thursday, October 28, 2021
Why should I get a dual band router

Why should I get a dual band router?

Why should I get a dual band routerWhy should I get a dual band router?

In the past, I’ve just accepted the fact that my router would cause a slow internet connection. If things got really slow, I’d call up my Internet Provider and ask them what was up. After being told to restart the modem no less than 10 times (I’m not kidding. This happened to me once and I actually hung up on her. Then she called me back and asked me again to reboot my modem!!), I wait for a day or two and my issues are usually resolved.

Until we started streaming Netflix and Hulu in our house (check out my cool article on how to get US Netflix in Canada), I never saw the need to panic over speeds. But with the slow down on our network caused by people using the Internet or even gaming online, Netflix is showing some serious lag.

So I did what any other techy would do – I got the skinny on dual-band routers. And boy was I glad I did. If you’re wondering why should I get a dual band router, this article I wrote for The Vancouver Province is for you.

Here’s my article on the 411 on Dual-Band Routers . Weigh in if you think your home needs one. Mine certainly did.



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