Friday, May 20, 2022

Got Kids?

Guzzie and Guss Stroller Review

I had a chance to do a Guzzie and Guss Stroller Review recently, and it didn’t come a moment too soon. I actually thought my stroller days were over for good given that my little guy is almost 4, but whoa, was I ever wrong. The scene of the test? Downtown Seattle on a blustery spring day. We were heading …

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My child is a late talker and he turned out fine

My child is a late talker. I’m watching my 3 year old son haul Christmas decorations out of the corner of the garage. Although the sun is blazing in the sky and we’re experiencing one of the warmest days on record this year, my little man is singing Jingle Bells as he sets his Santa and ribbons up on the …

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Would you vote for year round school?

School district #35 in Langley, BC recently through a curve ball to parents in the district, asking us to vote within the next few weeks about possibly implementing a year round school year. They’ve offered one of three options, including keeping the current calendar, adding an extra week onto the school year at the end of August to balance out …

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Could your family live in a tiny house for the summer?

If you’ve never heard of Tumbleweed Houses or Tiny House listings, you’ve been missing out. I stumbled upon the tiny house revolution when we were considering moving to an acreage and I was looking for a place for my parents that wasn’t a big, ugly double wide. I found Tumbleweed Houses, bought the book, and have been in love ever …

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How to connect with your wife, after kids, after bumps in the road, or just whenever

If I told you how many visitors we get on Survive Parenthood that come here searching for, “What to say to my wife” or “Things I can say to my wife”, you’d be really surprised. The numbers are high. I wrote an article called “Things you should never say to your wife after she’s had a baby” last year. It …

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Here’s your chance to try out Toontastic app for iPad

Very occasionally, I’ll stumble across an app that will keep my kids entertained for longer than 10 minutes. When I find it, I covet that app, because it gets me through crazy moments when all four of them want something at one time, everyone is talking at once, and I feel as though my head has the ability to pop …

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4 reasons why the family friendly hotel breakfast buffet is not worth it

When you’ve got kids, you tend to choose hotels that have the convenience and accessibility required to get your family in and out of the hotel with relatively little scarring. And for many of us, these hotels also offer up a breakfast bar. While some may think this is a great perk to your hotel stay, I find that my …

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Lowered expectations: Survive a summer long weekend away with the family

How to survive the summer with your kids

There isn’t a mom out there who wasn’t looking forward to the end of the school year. For many, the grind of driving back and forth, day after day after day, takes on an entirely new dimension of stress. Not to mention having to be the driving force behind homework, baths or showers, earlier bedtimes that no one but you …

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Does anyone ever report a good news story? They do on

With the daily updates about the Casey Anthony case ,and doom and gloom around every corner online and on TV, don’t you ever wonder why no one reports good news? Luckily for us, does. And although this might not be the venue you normally look to for up-to-date news (good or otherwise), they certainly have shone a light on …

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Star Tours: The Adventures continue now open at Disneyland

It’s time to strap on your light saber and head back to Hoth. Unless, of course, you are one of ‘those people’ that wear your Han Solo costume on a weekly basis and constantly twine your wife’s hair into Cinnamon buns. For the rest of the world, June 3rd was the day Star Tours: The Adventures Continue began transporting guest …

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