Sunday, January 23, 2022
4K Campfire video
4K Campfire from my farm.

Quarantine due to coronavirus? 4K campfire from my farm

We’ve been staying home for the past 7 days due to the coronavirus. Other than a quick pop into the grocery store for supplies, we haven’t been around people at all.

We haven’t been exposed to the virus; we’re just being safe and social distancing so it doesn’t go off like wildfire. It’s a lot to deal with having 4 kids suddenly at home, but it’s the best thing for everyone.

Thankfully we’re experiencing beautiful weather right now, so we’ve been having campfires for the kids every night. I decided it would be nice to share it with others.

I uploaded my 4K campfire to my Youtube channel so you can watch it with me. We live on a 12-acre property and have a pond. It’s frog season out there, so you can hear them croaking. I also captured my son roasting a hot dog, and you may hear the neighbor’s cow moo.

I know everything feels really crazy right now because of Covid-19, so I hope the sounds of my farm give you a few moments of zen.

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