Monday, October 2, 2023


What the? Check out the North Park Mansion Kit

Welcome Meredith Bland to Survive Parenthood Magazine – Meredith blogs regularly at Pile of Babies: Take a Knee, I Have Nonsense to Spew ( She has been published at Errant Parent and Imperfect Parent. Only the best for your little princess? Well, it’s time to put your considerable money where your mouth is and plunk down $949.99 (the extra .99 …

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What is Amniocentesis really like?

  Society is seriously a funny thing. In a day and age where 40 is the new 30 and 20 is considered an overgrown child, the fact that more and more women are putting off having kids until they are over 35 isn’t too surprising. But despite this trend for waiting to become a Mom, if you Google “Having a …

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How to connect with your wife, after kids, after bumps in the road, or just whenever

If I told you how many visitors we get on Survive Parenthood that come here searching for, “What to say to my wife” or “Things I can say to my wife”, you’d be really surprised. The numbers are high. I wrote an article called “Things you should never say to your wife after she’s had a baby” last year. It …

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Today’s Pinterest

Check out what we found today on Pinterest This would be useful This would be useful for bribing my 2 year old to actually sleep in his own room. I think this guy jus I think this guy just became the pickle Inspire Inspire Never Never Love. Love. Struggling with wint Struggling with winter again this year This is just …

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New Year’s Resolutions, Mom edition

If you are like me, you have a bucket list tucked away somewhere. On my list are many, many things that I’d like to accomplish (and not before I die, simply before I get too old to do them and just want to nap all day or perhaps before my teeth fall out. My Grandma always told me steak was …

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Here’s your chance to try out Toontastic app for iPad

Very occasionally, I’ll stumble across an app that will keep my kids entertained for longer than 10 minutes. When I find it, I covet that app, because it gets me through crazy moments when all four of them want something at one time, everyone is talking at once, and I feel as though my head has the ability to pop …

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4 reasons why the family friendly hotel breakfast buffet is not worth it

When you’ve got kids, you tend to choose hotels that have the convenience and accessibility required to get your family in and out of the hotel with relatively little scarring. And for many of us, these hotels also offer up a breakfast bar. While some may think this is a great perk to your hotel stay, I find that my …

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What it’s really like to work from home

Working at home: You have to admit, it’s a dream for many people. I blame those stock ‘work at home mom’ photos. The mom is in her PJ’s, happily looking out her (clean and shiny) window, with a cup of coffee in one hand her laptop open in front of her. Her couch is white, her makeup is on, and …

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This week in parenting headlines

Technology moves at light speed. It changes so fast that before we know it our iPhone 4’s will so thin they will give a piece of paper a run for it’s money, and our iPads will not only look up recipes but actually cook your dinner too. But amidst all of this change, you can be sure of one thing: …

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Spongebob study says show causes learning problems: Other TV shows that are just as bad

Sponge Bob Study

SpongeBob: You either love him or you hate him. Although he is said to be one of the most popular cartoons on television right now (that little yellow sea creature wouldn’t have stood a chance against Fred Flintstone in his day), SpongeBob is taking heat due to a recent study in the medical journal Pediatrics. Researchers found that watching shows …

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