Monday, October 2, 2023


OH YEAH: Don’t let your kids eat Deep Fried Kool-Aid

Attending a country fair just got a little more unhealthy. You like the rides, the carnies, and the never ending jet stream of grease wafting toward you. It is safe to say that thousands of families will be packing up for the day and heading out to their local County Fair. But this year, you might want to keep your …

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3 new gadgets that every parent needs

I envy those who can live life simply. I’ve read stories of how a family of 5 downsized into a 700 square foot house and just eliminated all of their excess clutter. The clutter in my house could easily fill two massive Uhaul trucks. Despite my strong desire to reduce the piles of stuff that have accumulated as the result …

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Star Tours: The Adventures continue now open at Disneyland

It’s time to strap on your light saber and head back to Hoth. Unless, of course, you are one of ‘those people’ that wear your Han Solo costume on a weekly basis and constantly twine your wife’s hair into Cinnamon buns. For the rest of the world, June 3rd was the day Star Tours: The Adventures Continue began transporting guest …

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3 things you should never say to your wife after she has had your baby

Father’s Day is swiftly approaching, and this June 19th of 2011 is all about embracing the love, dedication, and devotion that comes from dear old Dad. Although they would probably rather be A.) Sleeping, B.) Watching sports, or C.) Playing sports themselves, Dad’s across the nation will rise blearily with the sun and open up self-created cards and pottery inspired …

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Cell phones can keep you sane, but will they fry your brain?

I remember the moment so vividly. I answered my front door to find my husband’s friend standing on the steps. In his hand was a bright, shiny, slightly newer iTouch, and he was giving it to me.  Up until that moment, it never occurred to me that a small, thinnish piece of technology would drastically improve my life, but it …

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Weird baby products via

I’ve had many, many AH HA moments since I became a mother. Specifically, AH HA moments are those that occur when the old lightbulb goes on in my brain. I had one of these such moments when I started my very first website, and I have had many since that point. The good thing about my brain is that I’ve …

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How to Change a Diaper, for dummies

You don’t need a license to have a baby, which is really too bad in many respects. You’ve weighed the pros and cons of which baby necessities to buy and discovered that the one thing you can’t really do without is diapers. Unfortunately for you, you have no idea how to change a diaper. This is how you change a …

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