Saturday, May 18, 2024

Crafting your kid friendly meals for fun and excitement

I happened upon a funny article today that made me feel better about the fact that my kids are bored out of their minds this summer, my entertainment directors hat slowly slipping off of my head because I just can’t keep them all happy.

At the very least, I can feel good about the fact that their diet is well balanced. I feed them healthy food that they like to eat. I get them to eat fruits and vegetables, and I always do my best to make sure no one runs around on a sugar fueled high courtesy of too many Popsicles and candy.

And so, this article made me laugh, because the idea of crafting food is so insane to me. If they won’t eat the food that I put in front of them, why would they want to eat it in the shape of a car or an octopus? I could be wrong, but the idea of eating Dora’s face strikes me as a little bit….weird (My 2 year old loves Dora. I can’t imagine if I put her head on a plate and said, Go ahead, eat her up!) If you put a face on a hot dog, doesn’t it make you think about how that hot dog actually once had a face to begin with? (And with some hot dogs, you’d have to spin a roulette wheel to find out what type of face it originally had)

Here’s the article: 10 Revolting Kid Friendly Meals. Maybe you like crafting food, and it will give you some ideas of your own. If you do craft something spectacular, send it to me and we’ll post it here.




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