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Road trip planner – How to pack for a road trip with kids

Road trip plannerRemember when road trips were all about just throwing your clothes in a duffle bag and getting into the car? You could leave at 2 am in the morning, drive all night, sleep in parking lots if you wanted to, and eat wherever you saw a sign that said FOOD. Who needs a road trip planner when you’re young and out on a solo excursion?

But if you have kids? Now that’s a different story. How many bags can you safely fit into the back of the van? Should you buy a roof rack, should you take the exersaucer? Where can you stop on the way to wash out the car seat after a blow out?

TRUE ROAD TRIP STORY – Unless you stop in a hotel or have friends at local fire stations on the way, there is no where you can wash a car seat on a road trip, because gas station bathrooms can’t handle the cleaning of a car seat cover that’s been the victim of an epic blow out. Even better? Sometimes, if you’re really lucky, the ladies from the State women’s prison will be getting off their bus at the same time as when you’re struggling to rinse out said car seat, and will shuffle past in handcuffs and leg chains. Fun times!

So if it’s a road trip planner you need, I’ve got one. Especially with a baby, there are certain things you might just need when going on a long road trip with kids. Check out my full article on Best Buy and you’ll be prepared for your next road trip (except for the car seat blow out thing. I’ll just wish you well on that one.)

Top 10 road trip must-haves for traveling with baby this summer

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