Sunset on BC Ferry

Road Trip to Victoria BC on BC Ferries

Sunset on BC Ferry
Sunset on BC Ferry

Thinking about taking a road trip to Victoria, BC? Well, actually, if you want to be accurate, it’s more of a boat trip.

Have your kids been harassing you to take them on a cruise and you just don’t have $10,000 kicking around your house to take them on the local Disney cruise out of Vancouver? Yes, I priced it out, and for my family of 6 it worked out to around that much, putting it firmly in the ‘Yikes’ category.

I mean, the idea of seeing Mickey Mouse on my home turf is very appealing, but unless they let all of my kids sail free, it’s kinda pricey.

The next best thing? The BC Ferry from Vancouver to Victoria.

Yes, it’s not a cruise ship, but there’s a lot of fun to be had aboard a ferry when your children have never been on a boat before. Departing from Tsawwassen, BC, the hour and half long cruise is full of the sights and sounds of the ocean. If you watch, you can see Sea Otters swimming beside the ferry, and you’ll definitely encounter some smart seagulls who know there could be food available on the top decks.

Outfitted with indoor playgrounds and TVs, BC Ferries also have plug ins for electronics and on-board dining via White Spot and Bread Garden. Just be sure to bring a credit card or cash, because they don’t accept debit.

Seagull eating french fries
Seagull eating french fries

We spent most of our time walking up and down the decks, because there is a lot to explore. Just be sure to dress appropriately in the winter months, because it’s seriously windy and chilly outside.

Once you depart the Ferry on Vancouver Island, it’s a quick 1/2 hour drive from the terminal, past Sidney, BC and onto Victoria.




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