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California road trip from Vancouver: 2017

I’m not sure if anyone noticed, but I had taken a leave of absence from the blog for awhile. We had just moved to the farm, were knee deep in renovations, and something had to give before I cracked up.

Now that my reno is almost done, I’ve got a farm yard full of animals, and I’m pretty happy with the way things are going as far as normal life is concerned, I’ve got a brand new project on the horizon: an book on the ultimate Westcoast road trip.

I’ve been doing this road trip every year for 11 years, so I came up with the idea for and actually started this book a few years ago. Every time I’ve gone down the coast I’ve explored a bit more and searched for new and interesting things that someone from BC, Washington State, or Oregon would want to see and do when they did their own California road trip, and I’ve either written it down here or used it to answer the numerous questions I get via email from people who are doing it too.

I’ve looked at routes, scenic attractions, gas mileage in different vehicles, and rest stops along the way. I know what things cost, what’s worth it and what’s not, and what to eat wherever you end up. If the Anaheim area is your final destination the way it’s always been mine, I can also tell you which hotels are good/great/and not so much, and where to eat. I’ve also been known to share a few of my favorite Disneyland secrets.

Believe me, there’s a lot to see. I know there are people who say it’s just the I5, only a highway,  but ask anyone I’ve convinced to do this California road trip and they’ll tell you: it’s an amazing experience. What I want to do by writing a book about it is to share that enthusiasm, and hopefully, show you how to have more fun along the way.

I’ve done this road trip with my husband and without. More than a few times it’s been just me behind the wheel with my 4 kids in the back of my Dodge Caravan, and we have an absolutely amazing time. For me, a road trip to California isn’t just about getting from A to B. The journey really is just as fun as the actual destination.

Why am I telling you all this? I’m hoping that people will shoot me more questions about this road trip if they have them. As I compile everything this year, I’d like to highlight a few of these questions and use them in the book.

Ask anything: if I don’t have the answer I’ll find it. And if you’re getting ready for your own California road trip this year, I wish you an amazing experience.

You can follow along with us as we take our road trip this year by checking me out on Instagram @ littleoldfarmhouse and on YouTube at Shelly Wutke.


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