Saturday, December 2, 2023


Old Hollywood glamor in full effect at the Hollywood Bowl

old hollywood glamor in full effect at the hollywood bowl

Old Hollywood glamor in full effect at the Hollywood Bowl The Hollywood Bowl is one of those places that has all the history, talent, and cool architecture of the early days of LA in one spot, majestically reining over a natural amphitheater that’s been used to showcase talent since the 1920’s. If you go right now on any given weeknight, …

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Filming begins at the Bates Motel film set in July 2013

Bates Motel Film Set Location

There’s even flowers on the deck of the house. How pretty. To get to the Bates Motel film set, head into Aldergrove from Hwy 1 and take the 264th exit. Head straight down 264th until you get to 16th avenue and hang a left. Go straight down 16th until you see 272nd Street and turn right. The Bates Motel film …

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What is data roaming?

what is data roaming

If you aren’t the type to travel, you’ll probably never have heard of roaming data. But for many of us who cross International borders on a weekly basis and spend all of our family vacation money in a different country, data roaming is a pretty important topic to be knowledgeable about. Want to roam with your phone? Here’s a few …

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Review Munchkin Lulla Vibe Vibrating Mattress Pad

When I became a parent 11 years ago, I learned the hard way that the nurses were right about some things. In the throes of new baby fever, I literally wouldn’t put my daughter down. Either myself or my husband wanted to hold her all the time, and if we weren’t feeding, changing, or bathing her, we were rocking her …

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Road trip planner – How to pack for a road trip with kids

Remember when road trips were all about just throwing your clothes in a duffle bag and getting into the car? You could leave at 2 am in the morning, drive all night, sleep in parking lots if you wanted to, and eat wherever you saw a sign that said FOOD. Who needs a road trip planner when you’re young and …

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Road trips with kids

Every year, when my kids get out of school, I look forward to it. I don’t think there are very many people who can actually say that. I’m not saying I’m not going to miss the quiet moments when I can clean without feeling like Pigpen walking through a pile of dust (trains. They just stick to me. I can’t …

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Thanks for the nightmares, Seth Rogan – Review of This is the End

Review of This is the End Let it be said right now that Seth Rogan can officially be voted as the guy most likely to turn people to religion. For this year at least. But turn people he will, because even though he may not have intended that with his apocalyptic nightmare “This is the End,” it’s so bloody scary …

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Vintage Disneyland video – 1978

Here’s a Saturday night blast from the past – Vintage Disneyland video from 1978. Zip through the 3o seconds or so and you’ll see the Disneyland Hotel, the old monorail, the parking lot where California Adventure used to be. The tram ride felt like it took forever to get there, even though it looks like it might have been about …

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Living room redo with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Living Room redo with annie sloan chalk paint

Living room redo with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Everywhere the light touches, I have painted. At least in my living room anyway. My living room used to be a dark, chocolate brown on the walls with dark, equally brown leather couches. I had two Ikea bookcases in, you guessed it, brown, and a coffee table that also favored the brown …

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Landscaping ideas for backyards – Turning a soggy backyard into a garden oasis.

  Disclaimer: I am not a landscaper, but I was definitely born to be one. I come from a long line of ‘ladies from the prairies’ who have made landscaping or ‘fixing up the yard’ a way of life. They did this with a pile of kids underfoot (my Grandma had 13 kids! She must look at me struggling with …

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