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McDonalds healthy happy meals? Fast food giant halfing fry portion in Happy Meals

Take that happy meal, remove a few french fries, add a strawberry yogurt, and call it healthy? McDonalds seems to think so. In an effort to be perceived as a more health conscious restaurant, MacDonald’s is removing some of the french fries from your child’s happy meal.  The current french fry portion in a Happy Meal is 71 grams. McDonalds …

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Baby showers, for dads: Diaper parties for men newest way that Dad parties before baby

Diaper parties for men? Indeed! Dadchelor parties are the newest version of the baby shower, no females required. July 23, 2011 – If the Hangover movies are any indication, you may have finally recovered from your hubby’s bachelor party just in time to get pregnant and begin planning your family. But hold on, there’s a new party in town, and …

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Buying a family dog? International Puppy Scams target parents

July 21st, 2011 – When you have kids, your thoughts will eventually turn to getting them a dog of some type. Most families spend a significant amount of time researching dogs and searching classifieds for the perfect pet. Unfortunately for parents, a new dog isn’t the only thing you can pick up from the local buy and sell. International scam …

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Overshare much? New social networking study says that you are

The warnings aren’t just for kids anymore. In an interesting study that proves that mom still spends most of her day talking, researchers at the University of Guelph in Ontario have found that it isn’t just teens that aren’t taking the proper steps to protect their personal information on Facebook and other social networking sites.  Parents aren’t watching what they …

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Does anyone ever report a good news story? They do on

With the daily updates about the Casey Anthony case ,and doom and gloom around every corner online and on TV, don’t you ever wonder why no one reports good news? Luckily for us, does. And although this might not be the venue you normally look to for up-to-date news (good or otherwise), they certainly have shone a light on …

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Social networking may help decide what happens next for Casey Anthony

July 7, 2011 – What a difference two days makes. Casey Anthony, the now infamous “Tot Mom” who has been number one on Nancy Grace’s hit list for the past three years, was recently acquitted of murder charges in the death of her daughter Caylee Marie Anthony.  She was found not guilty of child abuse and aggravated manslaughter, and was …

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What happens to Casey Anthony now? Verdict is in and she’s not guilty

July 5, 2011 – After three years and countless hours of television dedicated to the analysis of every single aspect of the Casey Anthony case, she was acquitted today of murder and child abuse charges in the death of her daughter Caylee Marie Anthony. The Not Guilty verdict was the equivalent of a shot heard around the world, and the …

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Nestles Babynes – The Keurig for baby formula not available in Canada and the USA, yet

And just when I thought I’ve seen it all: Nestles BabyNes milk machine hits Switzerland The next time you load up your Keurig for a piping hot cup of coffee in the morning, you can just reach over and make one for your baby too. Nestle recently released a new baby formula machine called the “BabyNes System,” a product similar …

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Tom Hanks confirms Toy Story 4 in the works at Pixar

Better start saving your money for another pile of Toy Story toys. Buzz and Woody might have just renewed their contracts. In an interview with BBC breakfast news, Tom Hanks confirmed that Pixar has been working on Toy Story 4.  Although Pixar stated that Toy Story 3 was the end of the franchise, the popularity of the that movie may …

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When you need a reminder that your kid’s aren’t the worst kids in the world

72,836 people can’t be wrong. If their Facebook ‘like’ page is any indication, the blog Sh*t My Kids Ruined hits a chord. Started by Julie Haas Brophy after her child dumped a quart of black paint on her rug, the blog highlights the mishaps of raising children. Time Magazine has named it one of the best blogs of 2010, and …

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