Wednesday, February 21, 2024


What to see on a road trip from Vancouver to Los Angeles

If you’re hitting the open road soon and taking a road trip from Vancouver to Los Angeles, you’re probably wondering where to stop along the way. After all, if you have a bunch of kids strapped into car seats for hours upon hours, someone is going to lose their mind eventually (most likely you). That’s why it’s such a relief …

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Avoiding roaming charges when visiting the USA from Canada

Avoid roaming charges while visiting the USA Isn’t it fun to go on vacation? Especially for those of us who practically live on the USA/Canada border, the lure of driving across and experiencing all that the USA has to offer is really too much to resist. After all, we may have lush green forests, but they have Disneyland. Unfortunately, the …

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Westcoast road trip to California with kids? Here’s what’s new at Disneyland

Summer is finally here! If you live on the upper coast the way I do, you know it was a long time coming. But I don’t plan on relying on our somewhat sketchy summer weather – Instead I’m hitting the open road with my kids, my GPS, and doing a good old fashioned road trip to California. I’ve done this …

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More Apps that need to be made

Apps that need to be made Apple recently added an ‘Editors Pick’ to the App store, as well as a few other changes that I probably should notice but haven’t for one simple reason. When every single day you’re hit with “There’s an App for that”, I can’t help but thinking there really isn’t. I can’t go on the App …

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Community pulls together to support Langley family

There are some things I find it really easy to write about. New apps, good books, or something silly that happened with my kids. But I find when it comes to stories like this, the word refuse to flow. I read about Melissa White when I clicked on a Vancouver Province tweet. A local Langley Mom, Melissa died in March …

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Moms, want to lose weight? Check out the feeding tube diet

It’s spring, the weather is getting better (sort of) and on a recent trip to the local mall, one thing became very clear to me. Tis the season to feel fat. Why would I notice this? And at at the mall of all places? Well for one thing, it was packed. Clearly, other people don’t rely on the mail service …

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Why should I get a dual band router?

Why should I get a dual band router

Why should I get a dual band router? In the past, I’ve just accepted the fact that my router would cause a slow internet connection. If things got really slow, I’d call up my Internet Provider and ask them what was up. After being told to restart the modem no less than 10 times (I’m not kidding. This happened to …

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Let the cat eat the waffles and other simple ways to get healthy this spring

Spring can be a nasty time of year, just because its a reminder that we’re all really sick of old man winter and are impatiently waiting for the warmth and sunshine the Universe clearly isn’t ready to hand over quite yet. And, even worse, it’s that time when we’re seeing the new shorts, tank tops, and cute little shirts (except …

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App Reviews – Zombies Run!

Spring has sprung, at least in most places, and you know what that means? It’s time to get off your duff and get back into your exercise program. I’m a huge proponent of using Apps for Exercise. There is literally an App for everything, including situps, pushups, Pilates, Yoga, and all around strength training. But in my humble opinion, the …

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Delivery Day – Getting ready for your new baby debut

Welcoming a new baby into the world is one of the most exciting times in a parent’s life. Over the course of several months, the nursery has been painted, the wardrobe stocked with tiny clothes, the crib assembled, and the infant car seat adjusted—and readjusted. Sometime in the eighth or ninth month, the hospital bag is packed and eagerly placed …

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