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Review: Neato Robotics vs iRobot Roomba robot vacuums

Neato Robotics vs iRobot Roomba robot vacuums

In the grand scheme of things, I’d like to spend less time cleaning and more time doing other stuff. Like sleeping. Or, well, just not cleaning. So I was happy when Best Buy asked me to test out the Neato Robotics XL Signature Pro Robot Vacuum. I’ve tried the iRobot Roomba, and one of my favorite parts of any day …

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Review of the Philips goLITE Blu Plus Energy Light

view philips goLITE Blue Light

Vancouver isn’t exactly the place you might like to end up if you suffer from the winter blues. I grew up in Saskatchewan, land of the endless sky and even more endless cabin fever, and even though it was damn cold outside, I never remember feeling blue in the winter.  Why? I’m guessing because the sun came out. A lot. …

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Which apps are worth the money?


Which apps are worth the money? In the past few years, apps, like technology, have evolved to the point where they’ve almost completely replaced the way we play traditional video games. I say almost completely because The Sims for iPad will, for me at least, never replace The Sims for my Mac. It’s just not the same experience, and I …

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Thematica Firetrucks 911 Rescue app review


It’s pretty rare that I argue with my 4 year old over who gets to play with the iPad, but when we loaded the Thematica Firetrucks 911 Rescue app the other day, we were both pulling the iPad back and forth so we could play. If you’ve played Thematica’s Cars in the Sandbox, you’ll know how bright, colorful, and fun …

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Review Munchkin Lulla Vibe Vibrating Mattress Pad

When I became a parent 11 years ago, I learned the hard way that the nurses were right about some things. In the throes of new baby fever, I literally wouldn’t put my daughter down. Either myself or my husband wanted to hold her all the time, and if we weren’t feeding, changing, or bathing her, we were rocking her …

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Thanks for the nightmares, Seth Rogan – Review of This is the End

Review of This is the End Let it be said right now that Seth Rogan can officially be voted as the guy most likely to turn people to religion. For this year at least. But turn people he will, because even though he may not have intended that with his apocalyptic nightmare “This is the End,” it’s so bloody scary …

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What to do if you drop your iPhone in water

Wondering what to do if you drop your iPhone in water? I dropped my iPhone in a sink of water on purpose. Read on to see what happened. I’m what you call a tech enthusiast, so when I was asked to test out the EVAP Rescue Pouch by Kensington, I was ready. Until, of course, I realized that I actually …

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If you need me, I’ll be at the Hyatt – Hyatt Regency Orange County review

hyatt regency orange county review

It’s safe to say that there aren’t very many hotels on the Anaheim strip of Harbour Blvd that I haven’t stayed at. I’ve been visiting California at least once a year since my kids were tiny, and every year I tried a new hotel. After staying, I never really felt the need to rebook at the same place. I’d move …

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Say hi to the cockroaches Best Western Plus Meridian Inn Suites Reviews

I’m a writer, so I like to use words. There’s nothing quite like fluffing up a sentence or digging deep and finding the right way to express some sort of emotion. But when it comes to my Best Western Plus Meridian Inn Suites Reviews, I really only need to use one word. Cockroaches. Yes, it’s true. There were cockroaches in …

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Guzzie and Guss Stroller Review

I had a chance to do a Guzzie and Guss Stroller Review recently, and it didn’t come a moment too soon. I actually thought my stroller days were over for good given that my little guy is almost 4, but whoa, was I ever wrong. The scene of the test? Downtown Seattle on a blustery spring day. We were heading …

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